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by Deidre Ruscitti
Tonight is the last night before the official beginning of the spring semester. Tonight is the last night before the start of my
second semester. Tonight is the last night before it all begins again. And tonight, I have one question:

Where did last semester go?

I still cannot believe that I am a second semester freshman here at Pitt. I have recollections of singular days, but as a mass of
time, the four months before this are nothing but a blur.

In this span of time, which seems incredibly small (I guess the cliché ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ has some truth to it), I did
so many things, both things that I expected and some I didn’t.

Of course, I partook in the events that define college. I took classes, all of which I enjoyed immensely. I spent a lot of time
huddled over my computer, typing out papers, while holding the three or four books that I was referencing in my lap. I couldn’t
study in the library though, as when I went in to research a psychological principal, I ended up spending three hours reading a
book of personal accounts from prisoners sent to Siberian labor camps during the Stalinist era. I’m far too easily distracted in
libraries, bookstores and the like.

However, I also learned much outside of those classes. Perhaps the most important thing is I learned how to adjust to my
surroundings, and to become a more fluid fixture in different environments. Before Pitt, I’d never lived with anyone else in the
room. Now, I’ve shared a room in Towers (or, more accurately, a wedge in Towers) for a semester. I’ve lived in California all my
life, where it rarely drops below freezing, and now I’ve taught myself not to flinch when heading outside in ten-degree weather.  
And of course, there are the more concrete things that just happened as a result of being in a new place. I learned how to
dance, thanks to a free lesson offered every Sunday. Now, if only I’d had this opportunity before my Senior Prom…
I also became much more of a sports fan since I’ve come to Pittsburgh. I still may not understand all the rules and nuances, but I’
ve gone to a fair share of football and basketball games (although I have yet to arrive early enough to a basketball game to get
a seat in the Oakland Zoo).

If this is just what happened in four months, then who knows what the next three and a half years will hold? I’m not sure myself,
but I know it will be wonderful.  
Deidre Ruscitti is the 2007 recipient of the SF Bay Area Pitt Club scholarship. Deidre is now a Sophomore at the University and is
part of  Pitt's exceptional writing program.